Food System Security, a discussion with John Roulac

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Joni talks with John Roulac about soil health and regenerative agriculture as a means to protect food system security.
John is the founder of Nutiva, named one of Inc Magazine’s fastest growing companies in America, is dedicated to nourishing people and planet.

Joni and John talk about how John took an interest in regenerative agriculture and how the movie Kiss The Ground came about.

Kiss The Ground - Movie information link

John shares his views on how some of the biggest proponents of environmental stewardship and policy have failed.

Joni & John talk about Great Plains regeneration and American Agricultural shift and methods he suggests for soil regeneration.  He shares his thoughts on reasons why implementation of healthier techniques are not embraced in the industry.

John shares his idea for a call to action to help make a difference.

Sardines, Birds, and Bugs and how they are reference points for the status of the environment.

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Food System Security, a discussion with John Roulac
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