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Revolutionizing Health through Food: A Deep Dive with Carter Williams

Welcome back to another enlightening episode of the Regenerative by Design Podcast, hosted by Joni Kindwall-Moore. This week, we're thrilled to welcome Carter Williams...

Regenerative Roots: Meghan & Keith Rowe on Pioneering Biodynamic Farming in Modern Food Production

In this insightful episode of the Regenerative by Design podcast, host Joni Kindwall-Moore chats with Meghan Rowe, co-founder of White Leaf Provisions. Meghan shares h...

Reviving the Land: Innovative Paths in Regenerative Agriculture at Oatman Farms

In this insightful episode of the Regenerative by Design Podcast, host Joni Kindwall-Moore explores the pioneering efforts in sustainable farming with Dax Hansen and Y...

Pioneering Water-Efficient Crops with Craig Anderson

In this enlightening episode of Regenerative by Design, host Joni Kindwall-Moore engages in a compelling conversation with Craig Anderson, the CEO of Dryland Genetics....

Pioneering Transparency in the Organic Industry with Colleen Kavanagh

Host: Joni Kindwall-Moore Guest: Colleen KavanaghIn this episode, Joni Kindwall-Moore kicks off the second season of the Regenerative by Design podcast with a compelli...

Food as Medicine and Regenerative Ag

Joni and Vivian Kanchian talk about how food is am important piece in the healthcare puzzle. They also discuss how healthy food starts with the soil the food is grown...

Manufacturing, the invisible part of the food system that brings it all together

Joni and Liz Ward talked about the importance of food manufacturing that shares regenerative ag thought processes.

Navigating the Journey from Field to Fork with Scott Gail & Derek Axten

Joni talks with Scott Gail, of the Spokane Conservation District, and Derek Axten, a farmer from Canada, about regenerative farming methods and challenges people face ...

Food, Soil, and Healthy Aging, a discussion with Erin Martin

Joni talks with Erin Martin about how healthy food helps the aging process. Erin is working to change agriculture methods to help with geriatric health care.

Food, at the crosshairs of agriculture, politics, business and human health

Joni considers Lisa Stokke as one of the original Snacktivist! Joni and Lisa talk about food system advocacy which is at the crossing of agriculture, politics, busine...

Soil Science and Regenerative Agriculture with Ray Archuleta

Joni and Ray talk about the impact modern farming methods have on the entire eco system. Ray talks about how current agriculture education methods focus on chemistry ...

Zacca Hummus & Zenner Farms Talks About Regenerative Agriculture

Russ and Janine Zenner talk about how using no-till farming methods improved food quality and helped build a successful hummus business. They discuss how vertically i...

Joni Talks with Anne Biklé & David R. Montgomery About Regenerative Agriculture & Soil Degradation

Joni talks with Anne and David about their recent book The Hidden Half of Nature and how soil health is critical for proper nutrition benefit. They talk about the sto...

All About Snacktivist

Greta Gissel sits with Joni to talk about SNACKTIVIST and their mission to bring healthy easy food.

Joni gives a presentation on the need for Regenerative Agriculture

Joni shares a perspective on the status of agriculture in the world. Global warming, water shortages, soil degradation, and many other micro-climb issues are presenti...

Drought Resistant Grains and the Future of Food, part 2 with Dr. Don Osborn

Joni and Dr Don Osborn discuss the economic and environmental benefits of Millets as part of the nation's grain agriculture development. They also discuss the UN Year ...

A Discussion About Food, Farming, and Health with Ty Meyer from the Spokane Conservative District

Joni and Ty talk about how to integrate farming and ranching as a means to embrace regenerative agriculture.

A Forward Look on Agriculture from an Organic Farmers Perspective-a discussion with Tim Cornie

Joni sits with Tim Cornie to talk about the current status of farming, food health, crop protection, and a possible future of robotic farming techniques.

Talking About Growing Teff in Idaho with Royd Carlson of Teffco

Joni sits with Royd Carlson from Teffco to talk about what it takes to start growing a specialty crop like Teff.

A Discussion About Food Science, Healthy Eating, and the “Humble Bean”. with Maggie Sadowsky

Joni and Maggie discuss food science, plant sources of protein and the importance to food health and food system security.

Food System Security, a discussion with John Roulac

Joni talks with John Roulac about soil health and regenerative agriculture as a means to protect food system security.

Regenerative Agriculture, Soil Health, and the Great Plains-A Discussion with Jessica Gnad

Joni and Jessica talk about how farmers are shifting towards regenerative farming techniques and working towards healthy soil, water conservative, and better tasting f...

A Discussion about how Millets can help with Water Conservation with John Manuel of Dryland Genetics

Joni and John talks about Millets and their potential impact on water conservation and the grain industry as a whole.

How Regenerative Food Systems and Farming Impacts Health with David LeZaks, Ph.D.

Joni and David discuss the regenerative agriculture process and how critical financial development is for the industry.

Live Presentation by Joni Kindwall-Moore at Idaho Tech Connect Annual Conference

Joni gives a live, pre-covid Jan 2020, presentation at the Idaho Tech Connect Annual Conference talking about Snacktivist Foods goals and food system status.

Nutrition Phytochemicals & Health with Travis Denton

In today’s episode Joni and Dr. Travis Denton talk about nutrition, phytochemicals, and health. 

Building Regenerative Capital with Sarah Day Levesque and Anthony Corsaro of RSFI

How does the role of finance affect the development of the regenerative agriculture movement? Sarah and Anthony of RSFI (Regenerative Food Systems Investment) bring th...

Regenerating the Oceans with Dune Lankard

There is a lot of discussion about regenerative agriculture in land systems, but have you thought about what we can do to regenerate our oceans? In this episode, Dune ...

Category Creation, Distribution and Regenerating the Planet with Laura McCord of KeHE

What role do distributors play in the creation of new consumer categories? Laura McCord of KeHE Distributors gives us insight into what one of America's largest indust...

Regenerating the Sahel and Rediscovering Forgotten Foods, with Chef Pierre Thiam

From the deserts of the Sahel to the kitchens of NYC, this podcast with Chef Pierre Thiam will have you on the edge of your seat and a smile on your face as he shares ...

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