A Discussion About Food Science, Healthy Eating, and the “Humble Bean”. with Maggie Sadowsky

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Joni and Maggie discuss food science, plant sources of protein and the importance to food health and food system security.
Maggie Sadowsky is an expert in transforming food categories. Joni and Maggie discuss the fact that not many people  know about the Food scientist profession or what they do. Everything we eat is touched by a food scientist at some point in the process. 

Plant-based foods discussion. Maggie was named the top plant-based food creator. Joni and Maggie discuss the health factor behind plant-based foods and the development of Maggie’s movement, Culinary Architects theculinaryarchitects.com. 

Maggie highlights the importance of whole foods diet and getting your foods from as close to the source as possible. It is not what foods are free from that makes it healthy, but what it is full of. 

Maggie talks about her efforts in working with local farmers to create organic canned beans. While beans are not as popular of a food group in America as they are in other countries, Maggie talks about the long-term health benefits. Joni and Maggie discuss the impact of chemically intensive, conventional growing on the overall farming system and how organic and regenerative farming can counterbalance the effects. 

Maggie shares her approach with 8-Track Foods and what thoughts go into the canned bean products they create. One of her key ideas was on cutting down on food waste by using the pantry as the go-to place for meal preparation. Joni and  Maggie talked about how consumers could take baby steps towards eating healthy and helping the planet by simply replacing just half of their meat with beans. No fake stuff, no lab modification, just simple, delicious beans. 

Learn more about 8-Track Foods by visiting 8trackfoods.com. You can reach Maggie on LinkedIN at Maggiesadowsky.
A Discussion About Food Science, Healthy Eating, and the “Humble Bean”. with Maggie Sadowsky
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