Nutrition Phytochemicals & Health with Travis Denton

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In today’s episode Joni and Dr. Travis Denton talk about nutrition, phytochemicals, and health. 
Joni talks with Dr. Travis Denton from WSU about pharmaceutical chemistry.  They also discuss regenerative food health looking specifically at the science behind growing healthy foods.  The thesis behind today’s episode is using foods as medicine.

Phytochemicals, also called phytonutrients, are the potentially helpful compounds found in plant foods. They may help prevent chronic diseases, including cancer but relatively little is known about these diverse chemicals. These can be found in vegetables, fruits, beans, grains, nuts, and seeds. But the type and amount of phytochemicals in different plants varies.

You can find out more information about Dr. Travis Denton by visiting his LinkedIn profile at: or on his faculty web page at: and

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Nutrition Phytochemicals & Health with Travis Denton
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