Building Regenerative Capital with Sarah Day Levesque and Anthony Corsaro of RSFI

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How does the role of finance affect the development of the regenerative agriculture movement? Sarah and Anthony of RSFI (Regenerative Food Systems Investment) bring their experience and passion together to discuss how regenerative food systems are developing as a new asset class, as well as the financial obstacles and opportunities that are developing in this movement.
In this episode of Regenerative by Design with guests Sarah Day Levesque and Anthony Corsaro, you will learn more about Regenerative Food Systems as an economic opportunity that has the potential to positively impact the world. 

Sarah always wanted to “save the world through agriculture” and came into the regenerative movement by way of the conventional farming industry. She holds Master's degrees in Agriculture, International Agriculture Development, and Resource Development. Sarah sees the big picture and understands why building a soil-based, regenerative agricultural system is so important. She is the managing director of RSFI (Regenerative Food Systems Investment).

Anthony comes from a family of food business entrepreneurs in the produce distribution business.  He discovered the regenerative movement after experiencing a personal health crisis and pours his passion into building regenerative systems from the ground up at scale. 

They both work for RSFI, Regenerative Food Systems Investment Forum which grew out of Swift Communications, the company that brings us Acres USA Magazine. Acres is the leading publication for regenerative agriculture and agroecology. RSFI hosts educational forums and conferences that bring the regenerative food system together to discuss how to make this dream into reality from the ground up. 

This is a high-energy episode that will explore how regenerative agriculture has the potential to transform our planet, agriculture, health, and our economy.

Building Regenerative Capital with Sarah Day Levesque and Anthony Corsaro of RSFI
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