Talking About Growing Teff in Idaho with Royd Carlson of Teffco

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Joni sits with Royd Carlson from Teffco to talk about what it takes to start growing a specialty crop like Teff.
The founding of Teff Co is a story that bridges rural Idaho to the horn of Africa. Teff Co was started by Idaho native, Wayne Carlson after a trip to Ethiopia. Wayne's sons, Royd and Gareth, are now the operators of Teffco and scaling the business to new levels.  A staple grain Ethiopia and Eritrea, Teff it is naturally gluten free and a hardy crop.  Teffco sells both Ivory and Dark Teff. 

Teff is a fine grain that is about the size of a poppy seed.  It is much smaller and glitter than traditional crops and milling it requires different techniques and he discusses the journey his family has taken in growing their milling operation. 

Teff does well with dryer condition that traditional US crops.  

Talked about smaller scale milling market opportunities and the benefit to add crop diversity.  Also the benefits of crop diversity with speciality crops that are also regenerative by nature.  Adding a specialty crops to a family farm using smaller mill options allow business growth.

To learn more about Teffco visit  You can find recipes and more information about the grain. 
Talking About Growing Teff in Idaho with Royd Carlson of Teffco
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