Soil, Leadership and Youth with Jason Marmon

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In this episode Jason tells about his Carbon Summit conference series and how our nation is yearning for strong leadership in the face of formidable economic, social and environmental challenges.
Jason Marmon grew up in North Dakota where he experienced the transformation of his community in the midst of oil booms and the rapid development of extraction-based infrastructure. In this episode, you will hear his story. He has a unique perspective on how rural, urban, and Tribal culture are continuously navigating the challenges of modern development and how we should be thinking about the future. 

Jason was first exposed to the practice of regenerative agriculture after traveling to Brown’s Ranch in North Dakota to make a documentary while he was in college. This experience and resulting friendship with regenerative pioneer Gabe Brown, started him on a lifelong mission that embraces the human need for both sustainable energy and climate impact resource management. 

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Soil, Leadership and Youth with Jason Marmon
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