Category Creation, Distribution and Regenerating the Planet with Laura McCord of KeHE

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What role do distributors play in the creation of new consumer categories? Laura McCord of KeHE Distributors gives us insight into what one of America's largest industry players is doing to embrace regenerative agriculture and create programs to help conserve resources and our planet.
Today, we hear from Laura McCord, the Executive Sustainability Director for KeHE.

Laura combines her lifelong passion for the outdoors and nature with her career in grocery and natural products distribution to lead the way in corporate sustainability. She is passionate about conservation and building business practices that reflect and uphold these values.

Laura discusses the nuances between the organic movement and the emerging regenerative movement and how we see opportunities to make a bigger impact on reducing chemicals in our food system and building healthier soils. We also explore how categories emerge in the grocery industry. We explore the process of educating both consumers and retailers and how the success of early movers in new categories ultimately depends on brand positioning, quality, pricing, and marketing.

We will also learn about KeHE’s new ECOtrade program and the initiatives they are creating in their organization and with their partners. ECOtrade is a new climate initiative that includes four main climate action commitment areas: transportation, energy, waste, and refrigerants. Laura also tells us about CAREtrade.

Laura believes in consumers as a powerful force both in the marketplace and in creating positive change in the world.

If you are interested in hearing about how distributors and the natural products industry is thinking about important issues in today’s food system, then this will be a great opportunity to learn more.

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Category Creation, Distribution and Regenerating the Planet with Laura McCord of KeHE
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